Whisky and Donuts™ was conceived by the exact moments we intend to promote.

Sir Duncan D. Maltenbarley

Whisky & Donut Founder

Love What You Do!

Miriam S. Moonshine


Fashion. Donuts. Fitness.

Peat R. Dunnage M.D.

Pairing Analyst

Technically… I’m gifted.

Islay Frosting

Pairing Coordinator

MUFC and Coffee

We are a community created by combining two simple consumables.

W&D is not intended to be a benchmark for standard of these two delicacies, rather and avenue to expose humility and authenticity within the two worlds to stimulate the soul.

Through interaction of preference and discovery at the pairing table, we can reveal an abundant amount of truth and kindness within an over-paced and insincere world.

Slow down.

Use all of your senses to consume.

Appreciate the now and prepare for the future.

Open your mind to the unfamiliar and unappreciated.

And continue to give when there is nothing left to take.

Aberfeldy 12 Strawberry Cheesecake - Whisky and Donuts
Lagavulin 8 | Pumpkin Pie