Ardbeg Dark Cove | Midsummer Garden Cake

Varieties of whisky are traditionally named expressions for the simple reason that each bottling expresses something different.

Different is usually a good thing in our opinion.  Sometimes a distiller holds true to their formula and other times take a drop or two of madness and turn frankenstein in the laboratory.  Who ever gets to decide to add an extra pinch of something into the cauldron (master distiller) is a job we would never pass up… but to deal with the consequences of its success or failure amongst the public would make us jump right out of our skin!

Luckily the fine people at Ardbeg have landed themselves devout worshippers.  Like a trekkie convention, the masses swarm with unstoppable force when the Ardbeg beacon sounds to announce a new release!  Clever actually, the Islay distillery must have ex-Coca Cola marketing brains behind their brand, for when the people come knocking they very seldom, if ever, fail to deliver… in a grand way.


Ardbeg Dark Cove, released earlier this year, left much mystery to its arrival only described by a quick tagline: “dark spirit”.

Being a sucker for visual marketing, we bought in and grabbed a few bottles from our local pusher Hi times Wine Cellar in Costa Mesa, California.  Seriously the marketing did attract us this time, but aside from that we know how special whisky from Ardbeg is…. That’s why they have a following and that’s why we have quite a few of their EXPRESSIONS in our collection!

Lets just cut to it ….They’ve done it again!

Everything we love about Ardbeg is in this bottle with a touch of sherry madness in the form of earth and soil… There is a lingering undertone of rooted plant sweetness and medicinal blooms happening that just takes the signature smoke trail off the path just enough to stay in the right direction.

We guess it was meant to be when Sidecar Doughnuts released their August lineup which included the Midsummer Garden Cake, a zucchini and carrot cake based donut topped with walnuts, edible flowers and cream cheese frosting.  Like Ardbeg, their donuts never disappoint, regardless if you are not a personal fan of select ingredients.

Unfortunately, we were not prompt enough in our pairing updates, as it is September now, and the Midsummer Garden Cake Doughnut is unavailable… But maybe with enough harassment they will bring it back just for you!

Enough reading….. eat and drink NOW.

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